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Heavy Equipment Repairs in Edmonton


Mach 6 will service and repair all types of off-road construction equipment, specializing in Volvo, Komatsu, John Deere, and Caterpillar heavy equipment repair. We focus on keeping your equipment safe, productive and profitable.

  • Welding
    Hard surfacing, cracks, fabrication, heavy repairs, custom lugging & attachments.
  • Line-boring & Machining
    We can build-up, machine and line bore your bent and damaged equipment.
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
    Our programs will ensure that your machines are ready to go without interrupting your workflow and maintain maximum up-time.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic plumbing installation
    Installation, testing, calibration and fabrication made easy.
  • Cylinder removal & repair
    Full removal and repair available, from new seals and packing to a fresh chrome dip.
  • OEM, Aftermarket and Rebuilt Parts Locator
    Full removal and repair available, from new seals and packing to a fresh chrome dip.

What If You Need A Mobile Heavy-Duty Service?

No matter which part of Alberta you are in, we can quickly send a highly skilled technician to provide you with a fast, competent repair. No matter what type of issue you have – transmission, brakes, engine, our mobile mechanics are prepared to help you out. All you will need to provide is a location, date and request the service you need. If you are on our contract maintenance program we will know when, where and what you need making things simple for larger fleets or busy managers.

What Do You Do If You’re Stuck or shutdown on a busy site?

If your equipment is stuck half loaded or dead in the middle of a high traffic site, call us and we will have a technician sent out immediately. While we travel to you do a walk around and take some notes of what was happening when the unit died, any info will greatly assist our technicians in diagnosing and repairing the issue.

1. Get your equipment in a safe working position if possible.
2. Do a quick walk around and see if anything is out of place.
3. Take notes of where and how your unit stopped.